We are starting to see more and more legitimate websites/groups get shut down on various platforms. Recently The Free Thought Project and hundreds of other activist pages were shut down on facebook, despite not breaking any rules

Same story with Antimedia, and when they tweeted about it they were banned(as shown in the link above).

We all remember Infowars getting de-platformed across virtually all social media websites within the same few days to a week. Social media companies/websites/services are now enacting rules that monitor “off site behavior” and they can ban you for that.

“Off Site Behavior Banning” IS THE NEW THOUGHT CONTROL

Twitter monitoring “off platform” behavior to BAN people who haven’t violated anything on Twitter

Twitch Will Ban Users Based On “Hateful” Off-Site Behavior

This new policy is going to be used with extreme prejudice to try to put the final clamp down on alternative media. They didn’t get what they wanted with Net Neutrality SCAM, so now they are saying fuck it and doing it themselves.

The false flag possibilities are endless obviously. Say you don’t have a Facebook account and someone makes one pretending to be you and does bad stuff. They keep doing it until twitter notices and bans you. But this wasn’t you posting this stuff, because you don’t have one. Good luck proving it isn’t you on Facebook or another platform.

All of you who post here on steemit could be banned on these platforms for your interactions here. You needn’t post anything that is even spammy or hateful, they are going to ban you. They are enacting policies that are extremely subjective. These policies and left up to the “mega corporation technocracy” to interpret, AKA the new Tech Priest Class.


New Caste Systems Forming, MSM Manufacturing Consent

Eleven Tactics Used by the MSM to Manufacture Consent for the Oligarchy

It is blatantly obvious to all of us here why we are here, and why we are involved in cryptocurrency solutions that decentralize everything. The amount of centralization and rule making by Tech Gods is getting out of hand, it is going to lead to a very dark place if they continue to successfully manufacture “consent and outrage” into the minds of the masses.

Humans are vulnerable to looking to authority figures, and we regularly mistake “confidence and ego” for “knowledge and wisdom”. In other words, we like to FEEL like we are knowledgeable and wise even if we objectively are not. Humans will look up to authority figure(talking heads on tv/msm) who is sure of themselves and comes across as knowledgeable. This is how fake news spreads and how the media manufactures consent. They repeatedly put out their message, they are confident and authoritative in the way they come across.

Fear Not

The situation we are in is as good as it possibly can be. If they were implementing these censorship policies 5 or 10 years ago to this extent I would be a lot more negative in my view on things.

My personal view is that it is over for mega social media corporations. This is their last ditch effort in trying to control an internet herd of cats, and it just isn’t going to work in the long term. Every article we submit to this blockchain is stored and forever preserved. There is already too much knowledge in the #informationwar tag alone that shows what is really going on. Many other tags like news/politics/cryptocurrency are also serving as a huge library for all things happening.

You can’t quash the spirit of freedom and liberty, it isn’t going to stop. Demonetizing my YT or banning me from twitter isn’t going to stop me.

Every post you guys make on blockchains/decentralized social media/decentralized video is what is going to turn the tide of this all.

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