Columbus Day in the Americas – Who owns the Spirit of Exploration?

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Today we celebrate the accomplishments of the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus going back to his voyage in 1492 AD and on to establish a European presence in the Americas. For a lot of people this is a day to speak of courage in the face of diversity and the human instinct to explore and understand the natural world around them, which I think is wonderful.

However , I do believe in pursuing the truth no matter what the cost and if I diminish the spirit of the day so be it. History needs to be accurate and evidence needs to be considered before we put anyone up on a pedestal and close the conversation.

I would like first to show that the Northman’s civilization came to North America well over 1,200 years ago. Pointing out the Viking instinct towards intrepid exploration does not diminish the day. I would argue that remembering them adds quite a bit to the spirit of what we are celebrating.

So how do we know the north reached Canada before Spain? A good combination of archaeological evidence and now satellite imaging can prove it conclusively. Take a look at this BBC report that chronicles a long term effort by Sarah Parcak and her team of historians to get this right.

So who were these people and where did they come from? I think Eric The Red is a greater example than most. This guy wasn’t looking for a short cut to trade with India, he was out to conquer the sea itself for the sake of saying he did it. The bards sang of those who could prove themselves worthy of it and the tales of their life story could go on for a thousand years, that was motivation enough for some. I should say a few generations of exile and banishment for murder and rioting may have helped Eric out the door as well though.

We don’t just need Satellite images and bardic limericks to make a bold statement on who discovered what and when, we need hard proof. Check out what artifacts we have found for yourself. Looks to me that someone found a real route to circumnavigate the globe a lot sooner than even Magellan but that is a story for another day.

From Michigan U.S.A.

The Maine U.S.A. penny

There are plenty more examples of these ancient items popping up around here and everyday it seems a new one is unearthed so look into it and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Now that I feel I firmly established the history book we had in school were completely wrong, I would love to drop something that maybe new to even the most ardent truth seeker. There is evidence that the Americas were visited and colonized by cultures older than the Nordic or Roman by thousands of years.

If we really want to understand the history of our nation wee need to figure out why there are so many connections to Egypt in the Grand Canyon region and how that they share so many parts of their language and art.



Found in caves just north of Grand Canyon Village


Middle Eastern architecture in an extremely impractical location


Found in the Powel Caves Grand Canyon


Here is the real kicker, these were found in the Kincaid Tunnels, Grand Canyon.


This may seem impossible and I can already predict some people will want say it is all a hoax, a conspiracy of thieves hiding there tracks perhaps. I would agree that malevolent forces may have muddied the waters of history to make financial gains I do believe it comes down to the hubris of experts and the authorities that have hid the truth for many reasons. I believe that is a separate article so instead of debating conspiracy theories I want to show you that the ancient Egyptians could have crossed the Atlantic and let you decide for yourself.

Egypt had the spirit of exploration long before most and their lost fleets and harbors are being found with the aid of modern technology. Take a look at this recently reconstructed version of the vessel named Min o the Desert that has been deemed more than capable of crossing the Atlantic and most likely even further.


This whole ship was built by 4 men and a couple of teenage shipwrights with tools and designs from over 3,500 years ago and more replicas have hit the waves since they made this one.


Relief of the original Min of the Desert from the temple of Hatshepsut


It certainly seems plausible that the Egyptians sailed through the Mediterranean and traded though out the world. Why not expect the need to explore the world and understand it could have led them onward further on the same route that Columbus took out of Spain to the Americas. These are the people from the land of the Pyramids after, ingenuity and high though were very much their heritage. To argue that they could build the largest, most perfect stone structure the world has ever seen could not come up with a decent boat seems a lot more far fetched than the idea they colonized parts of the U.S.A. a few thousand years ago at the height of their culture.

I hope I peeked some of your interests with this article and if you have the day off please check out these videos to learn a great deal more on the subjects I brought. don’t forget these are here for later if you are stuck working like me though 😉

About the Vikings

About the Egyptians

I wanted to include this short video from Prager U with Steven Crowder here at the end just in case my red blooded American friends thought I forgot about them. Someone is sticking up for Columbus and I wanted to wish you all a great holiday.

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