“Death is coming to your door step” screams Antifa leader of Portland Oregon at a journalist – Antifa Violence Archived and posted to decentralized alternatives/blockchains.

“Death is coming to your door step” at timestamp 9:20, says one of the Antifa leaders in Portland Oregon multiple times to a journalist. This guy is featured many times and is seen leading a riot throughout these videos(literally hundreds following him).

I put together a bunch of clips that I uploaded to decentralized alternatives so they cannot be deleted. BitChute and 3speak. These clips show the mayor Ted Wheeler talking about how peaceful everything was and how proud he is. He is lying…. There was tons of violence in Portland Oregon, with the worst parts of it being 300 to 500 people chasing down a guy and his girlfriend from the city onto the highway, and the continue to chase them while they are on the highway. Many people were beaten down by Antifa on Saturday, some were beaten to the point of being unconscious. People were attacked on buses by Antifa(later in the video). The violence gets worse as the video goes on.

Journalists again were attacked and made to leave. Police again stood by and largely did nothing while violence was happening right in front of them. People were being maced/milkshaked/hit with baseball bats/hammers/wooden sticks/other various metal objects.

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