Facebook Banned ZeroHedge

I had no intention of doing a video this evening. I was just going through my normal routine, scanning my news sources before bed and what do I see? A gray headline on ZeroHedge titled “Facebook Bans ZeroHedge”. Now what does “bans” mean? Its groups? Its page? Its ability to post for a short period of time? Nope:

“Community Standards”.

I know what that means. ZeroHedge’s coverage of foreign policy has always been critical of US activities. It’s why Americans flock to it. Since our corporate media wouldn’t dare call an empire an empire. As Glenn Greenwald puts it, the media has a State bias. It does what power tells it to.

Part of that empire’s PR department is The Atlantic Council. A think tank started in the 60’s to promote and “bolster” support for NATO, the over-expanded welfare project for arms manufactures. With each new nation NATO accepts, the more armor and weapons flood into Europe. The closer and closer NATO moves to Russia’s boarder. Something ZeroHedge covers quite nicely.

The Atlantic Council partnered with Facebook. Why? To help it find and destroy “propaganda”. What type of “propaganda”? Surely anything critical of the Trump-Russia narrative, or simply linking to a Russian journalist are violations and must be terminated.

This is not the first purge of anti-war news sources from Facebook. The Trump-Russia narrative makes the work of leaders at places like The Atlantic Council easier. Get the Left to be the blood-thirsty ones.

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