Greta Thunberg and Family Antifa – Climate Change Scam – Pics of her as Antifa in description

Greta Thungberg and her parents are all Antifa, as seen in the pics below in this description(archived on Greta is getting her shill bucks for Climate Change from the obvious radical left sources who fund Antifa. Does it surprise you Antifa is trying to now take over the Climate Change langauge? I also go over how they are all hypocrites and won’t become local farmers to reduce pollution and other stuff.
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Climate strike in Colorado: Students march in Denver, across state in fight to sustain planet’s future

Students of all ages unite across Vermont for the Global Climate Strike

Greta Thungberg antifa shirt –

Her Mom antifa shirt –

Dad –

Greta claiming “it was a friends shirt she was borrowing” despite her parents also wearing them uh huh! ARCHIVED!!! –

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