Happy Sunday Gunday! Gun Culture and our Constitution is important to uphold. I put together a 28 min video to highlight cultural rot where Police/Army/National Guard illegally seized guns en masse.

Gun Culture and our Constitution is important to uphold.


All of us in this domreddit understand that mostly the left is trying to take away guns, and we just saw in a Democratic Debate that Francis O’Rourke said he was going to take your AR-15 and AK47. When the left gains any political power they will wield it to take away gun rights, whether or not it is constitutional they don’t care. Democrats think that “the Constitution is a nice piece of paper written by old racist white people”. We CANNOT count on Democrats upholding the Constitution as seen in many events over the last 30 years.

I took some of the most famous examples people know of where Police/Army/National Guard en masse seized hundreds or thousands of weapons illegally and unconstitutionally. Some are interviewed on camera admitting that they would fire on citizens. This is by no means all encompassing of the examples of this happening. This also does not show any instances where Police/Army/National Guard refused to follow such an order(which also happens), because I wanted to focus on showing instances where THEY WILL AND HAVE.

In these instances(and this is by no means all Police/Army/National Guard of course) the cultural rot and lack of knowledge on their oath to defend the Constitution is why they did what they did. They mistakenly believe that they need to obey the local Mayor or Governor or whatever. They admit to “following orders” as they go from house to house illegally and by force confiscating guns during Hurricane Katrina. The same happened with the Boston Marathon Bombing, where Police went door to door breaking in and arresting everyone within Watertown. Red Flag laws are also sweeping innocent people up as I go over a situation that happened in 2018 New Jersey.

I also went through the effort of uploading to BitChute and other places so that this information on what happened cannot be mass purged by Google. The Memory Hole will not stop this info!


Documenting how and when the police seized guns. The made up reasons they used, and how Police/Army/Citizens go along with gun confiscation. The culture is changing and the Constitution eventually will be made meaningless if we don’t have Citizens who will uphold it, what are you doing to ensure our culture is maintained? Help by sharing this video and subscribing! đŸ™‚
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