Hong Kong Protesters Quoting Netflix Propaganda Documentary on Ukrainian Coup “Winter on Fire”

No sooner did I post my recent video on the protesters declaring that Carrie Lam’s withdrawal of the hated Extradition Bill was “not enough”, did I came across this new wrinkle.

Members of the protests are quotingscreening and learning from the award winning Netflix documentary, Winter on Fire, about the Ukrainian “revolution” of 2014. That uprising has been debunked as a straight Western-backed coup, complete with audio. The film, used as a propaganda piece, was spread and marketed far and wide in the West. Leaving out the revolution’s connections to Neo-Nazi groups fully supported by the US.

The director of Winter on Fire even posted a letter to the Hong Kong protesters showing his support and “solidarity” with the protesters.

Who is setting up these screenings?

Once again, more evidence that these protests are not simply an organic fight for freedom, but has Western governmental support to continue until the final goal is achieved:

A Coup. Sorry folks.

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