Israel’s Influence in The Libyan Civil War

I was doing research on my recent video on the Libyan Civil War and came across an article about Haftar meeting with an Israeli intelligence officer in Jordan in which he promised the following:

The source added that Haftar promised the Israeli officer that he will provide safe centers for Israel especially in Sabha, which is in the middle of the Libyan desert.

This sparked my interest. It didn’t even come across my mind that Israel would have picked a side in the conflict. However, once I thought about it for a minute the more it made sense.

After doing a little digging I discovered at Israel and Haftar began working together back in 2014. Haftar has close ties to Oren Hazan, a member of the Israel’s Likud Party who has coordination took place with the UAE as a middle-man, as Israel didn’t want to make their connections known initially. Especially with the US & UN backing the other side of the conflict, the GNA in Tripoli. Israel began air raids within Libya back in 2014 to assist Haftar against jihadist groups in Benghazi. Haftar met with Mossad back in 2015 & 2016 in Jordan. Israel provided sniper rifles and night vision googles.

Israel siding with Haftar over the Generel National Assembly does make sense. The GNA’s “army” is rag-tag groups of Sunni militias, backed by Turkey (similar to Syria). These groups have connections to terror groups operating within the Sinai Peninsula. A border area south of Israel that has been of much concern to Tel Aviv.

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