Joe Rogan Knows Nothing, Algeria Gets a New Leader & Ro Khanna Catches My Eye

Toe Rogan Convinced By Well-Spoken Brit

As I was driving around on lunch yesterday I noticed that Joe Rogan recently had war journalist Ben Anderson on his show. I was combing through the short clips on YouTube and one of them was titled “War Reporter Explains ‘White Helmets’ Conspiracy Theory”. I was taken back at first, until I remembered that Anderson worked for VICE, the “alternative” news organization that has become the propaganda darling of the War Party in the US. Now I can’t say if VICE knows what they have become, or if they are just gullible hipsters from Brooklyn who never really learned how to do actual journalism and “speak truth to power”. They did buy into the Russiagate nonsense.

The White Helmets have been debunked over and over and over again, and as one of the top comments on Rogan’s video states:


This is just another example of the downfall of Joe Rogan as a “truth teller”. I personally don’t think he’s some “asset” or purposely spreading propaganda. I think he’s just a dumb comedian who trusts his 20-something producer to research his guests. Jamie has zero interest in diving below the surface of any story, as it might keep him from getting invited to the next sneaker release party.

Ro Khanna Triggers The Establishment By Calling for a Bipartisan Push for Peace

I never heard of Ro Khanna until yesterday. That was my mistake. The progressive Democrat that chairs millionaire Socialist Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign has done well for himself, making inroads with non-interventionists from across the aisle. Speaking to Breitbart he explained his push to work with Republicans to convince President Trump to move towards really ending wars and pulling back the American Empire aboard:

Our biggest competitor in my view is probably China in terms of who’s going to win the 21st century. Is it going to be a free enterprise democracy with America, or is it going to be an authoritarian country like China? China has not been in a war since 1979. They are putting all their resources into building good will with other countries and into developing their airports, their bridges, their universities, their artificial intelligence. Why are we involved in wars that are not winnable that are costing us resources that are strategic in winning the 21st century? Instead of all the trillions of dollars that we have spent on these wars, imagine if we built our infrastructure, if we invested in our people, if we helped build our country to make sure that we win in the 21st century. I think that is a message that every American regardless of whether you voted for President Trump or whether you voted for a Democratic member of Congress can get behind because it’s for the national purpose and when it comes to winning in the 21st century I think we’re all on the same team.

This is something I’ve been talking about since 2008. When I discovered Ron Paul, I also discovered Dennis Kucinich. Since then I’ve been saying that while we disagree on math and domestic government control, we should be able to agree on ending the slaughter of innocent civilians and the devotion to US world hegemony.

Algerian President Steps Down After Twenty Years

This was not a surprise to me. If anything I expected it to come a few more weeks down the line. Nevertheless, the oil-rich country will now move into the second stage of its revolution/coup, mimicking the path Egypt took after Mubarak. The army and the democratic institutions will jockey for position and power, while the West and Russia battle behind the scenes to see who can make the new regime its client state. The former regime under President Bouteflika was backed by Russia, which of course inserts some questions about how organic this revolution was in the first place. Stay tuned.

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