Mob Rule & The Downfall of Jordan Peterson

I have a Saturday planned filled with sports and enjoyment, but I had some frustration to get out. Last night on Twitter, Jordan Peterson & Bret Weinstein of the “Intellectual Dark Web” both called for Kavanaugh to step down if confirmed on the Supreme Court. The argument is presented as if this move by Kavanaugh will “clear his name” and “heal the nation”. Neither is true, and part of me knows that both men know this. The backlash on Twitter is pretty absolute.

This video is about my fear of mob rule and how increasingly authoritarian the culture is getting. It’s not on the fringes any longer, and the mainstream has bowed down to it, and is hoping on board to keep power.

Yes, I sound a lot like Owen Benjamin. That is because along with Scott Horton, he is my spirit animal.

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