Peace Talks

North Korea is getting all the media attention, but there is more than one war that might be coming to an end.

North Korea

After a three day trip by train for Kim, and a trip on Air Force One for Trump, the two personalities met in Vietnam for their 2nd round of talks. Going into the meeting, I half expected a declaration ending the Korean War between the US and North Korea.

John Bolton stuck a dagger in those plans. For now.

The U.S. story is Kim wanted all sanctions lifted in exchange for beginning to denuclearize. Both sides did note that North Korea agreed to dismantle the Yongbyon faculty. This isn’t disputed.

What is disputed is what type of sanctions North Korea asked to be lifted. North Korean officials state that they only wanted five sets of sanctions lifted. Sanctions that were imposed by the UN in 2016 and ’17. The focus of the sanctions were most resource exports: minerals, metals, coal, agriculture and seafood.

The spotlight will move away from this story in the weeks to come, so I’ll be sure to keep an eye on it.


Talks with the Taliban and the United States have heated up the last few months. A new set took place in Doha recently. The deal on the table?

  • All US Troops out in 5 years (not good enough!)
  • Half out in the next few months (drawdown)
  • Taliban agrees to keep Al Qeada out of country (offered the same 18 years ago)

The Taliban will not talk to the “puppet” government of Afghanistan, and are asking for more power in the central government, or the sovereignty to rule the Pashton tribal lands, which they do already.

This would be a very huge deal for The Donald.

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