Political World Reacts to John Bolton’s Firing

I spent some time on the dumpster fire that is Twitter today seeing what the reactions to John Bolton’s firing was bring.

The mentally shot liberals with Trump Derangement Syndrome are more triggered by the “instability” of the administration’s “revolving door” than the exit of psychotic war monger.

Rather - Bolton.PNG

Nancy - Bolton.PNG

Chris Murphy - Bolton.PNG

Frum - Bolton.PNG

The reliable neoconservatives (including known sheet salesman Ben Shapiro) came out to fear-monger about how “unsafe” the world had just become.

Shapiro - Bolton.PNG

Thankfully, the “extremists” on the Right and Left took a moment to high-five and celebrate Mr. Mustache’s long, unemployed drive home.

Tulsi - Bolton.PNG

Rand Paul - Bolton.PNG

Norton - Bolton.PNG

Khanna - Bolton.PNG

Johnstone - Bolton.PNG

Porter - Bolton.PNG

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