Rand Paul Tapped For Negotiations With Iran

Big news in the search for a path to peace with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Late Wednesday afternoon, stories dropped that Senator Rand Paul had asked President Trump last weekend over a round of golf to allow him to meet with the Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, who is visiting New York City this week to meet with UN officials among others.

Paul has been a devoted critic of the administration’s policy with Iran. He took the president to task over his attempted coup in Venezuela, and spoke out strongly against Elliot Abrams getting anywhere close to a decision making position. He’s been a leader in the Senate in trying to end the horrific genocidal policy in Yemen and has pushed for cutting off foreign aid to all nations (including Israel) and halting all arms sales to Saudi Arabia.






He’s applauded President Trump for his talks with North Korea and his restraint in Syria. He went to Russia to invite them to D.C. to ease tensions in the face criticism from all of mainstream media & Congress.

He’s probably the only member of the government I have respect for. This development helps to confirm my suspicion that he’s had Trump’s ear in helping him fight off the Neoconservative & warhawk voices in his administration.

Comments this week from Trump, Pompeo and the acting Defense Secretary Mark Esper showed the tide might be turning back towards diplomacy and away from Mr. Mustache John Bolton’s bloody dreams. This move to give Rand Paul his shot all but confirms that.

He’s the best we can ask for right now. Hopefully, we’ll see him as the new Secretary of State in the next Trump administration.


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