Tanker Wars

Well, I guess Rand Paul didn’t do that well. I had finished recording my last video on Rand Paul being tapped to discuss peace with Iran, news broke that the US had shot down an Iranian drone. The US told the drone to back off, it didn’t, it was shot down. What a way to spoil diplomacy.

I wasn’t shocked to find out that Iran had denied that their drone was shot down. A +1 for Iran, they provided video footage of their drone returning to base safely. This was immediately denied by Trump and Western media. “Also doubt the Iranians. They are never honest”.

From there things continued to get more dramatic. Iran boarded two British tankers, the “Stena Impero” and the “Mesdar”. Iranian “fast boats” were used to direct these ships into Iranian water. Using “violations of maritime law” as an excuse to board the ships, the Iranians were following through on their promise to retaliate against British tankers in response to the Iranian tanker “Grace 1” taken by British forces near Gilbralter back at the beginning of July.


This Iranian policy of theft on the high seas is definitely their way of showing their power in the actual gulf. A few stopped tankers and the world takes notice. Another British tanker was threatened but had an armed escort. The “Mesdar” was boarded, searched and released. The “Stena Impero” also had a weak escort, but the Iranian special forces beat them to the tanker:


After all this drama, and insanely heightened tensions between the US and Iran, STILL no war. In my video I talk about how all this being allowed to happen without a war breaking out bodes well for a path to a deal. Pompeo stated on Friday that “Iran needs to come to the table”. Trump now says he DID sign off on Rand Paul meeting with the Iranians.

So I guess there’s still a table. That’s always good. But there are those troops setting up shop in Saudi Arabia again…


You can find the audio version of the episode here and on ITunes, and as always the video is available:



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