The Newest NATO Member…..Brazil?

On March 18th speaking outside the White House, President Trump discussed his intention to designate Brazil as a “non-NATO ally” while also rambling about an idea to even bring Brazil under the NATO banner.

This could be looked at as simply another random thought within Trump’s head more than an actual policy proposal, but with the ever growing focus on Latin America by the Trump administration and its over the top support for the newly elected “Donald Trump” of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro, it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

Article 10 of the NATO Charter clearly states that only European countries can be invited into NATO, but NATO hasn’t followed its own rules for decades now. During the George W. Bush administration, a push was made to invite Pacific allies like Japan and Australia into NATO.

Currently, NATO is more of an overreaching army of the West more than a bulwark against “Russian Aggression”. New members are not only offered the continued protection of the American army, but they also are offered (and almost expected) deals on military technology and arms from western defense contractors, usually purchased with the same foreign aid money provided to them by the American taxpayer. Nice scam.

In some respects NATO is still focused on battling Russia influence in the world, but the aggression is coming from Washington D.C., not Moscow. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, NATO has expanded up to the Russian border, with the addition of Latvia, Estonia & Lithuania in 2004. Trump added Montenegro in 2017, and pushes for the addition of Georgia and Ukraine continue to this day.

An interesting rabbit-hole to go down is to research the ruling governments of these newly invited and confirmed NATO nations. Most are far-right wing government complete with full-blow racist parties running the show. That is not just my opinion. Check out the ruling party of Latvia, Visu Latvijai!. And we all know about John McCain’s favorite Neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

Offering NATO membership to Brazil is inline with the Trump administration’s policy of “Fortress America”, which focuses American foreign policy on Latin America. The brain child of warmongering mustache hero John Bolton, the idea to expand the US military and economic footprint in Latin America could be seen as a counter to the butting of heads Trump as run up against with European NATO allies; along with the slow draw-down in the Middle East.


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