“The Squad” Meltdown Continues

I was just going to do a video about my normal foreign policy topics.

However, on the heels of Trump’s “MOST RACIST TWEET IN HUMAN HISTORY” and the “bravery” of these Democratic Congresswomen in the face of such fascism, I had to comment on them doubling-down on their self-destruction and the very telling poll that make it pretty evident that they won’t be around for much longer.

The pleads to emotion, group-think and identity politics come off as annoying to most everyday Americans. And to the lower IQ on-looker, be it the supporter (like the nutty Boomer who attempted to firebomb an ICE faulty because of the “concentration camps”) or the conservative opponent who can’t shut up about any of them; they have soured domestic politics to a large majority of the country. Like the whining customer who holds the rest of us up by asking to “see your manager!”, we would all be better off if they floated out to sea.

The members of the “The Squad” only won their seats because of pure social justice guilt-tripping. The party voter in their district that wanted to show they were “woke” and Democrats outside of their districts wanted to avoid being seen as gasp racist/bigot/woman-hating, signed off on these individuals getting a voice on the grand stage. The poll shows that the party might be rethinking that decision.


You can find the audio version of the episode here and on ITunes, and as always the video is available:


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