Tulsi Gabbard & The Death of Justin Raimondo

A great weekend personally had a sad shocking episode when Twitter let me know that Justin Raimondo had past away. He had been battling cancer for years now. Raimondo was a brutal force for good, hitting on all cylinders when he wrote on a topic. A great writer that I discovered during 2007. His legacy and catalog can be found on antiwar.com

The antiwar movement might have suffered a big lose, but the beginning of week was a positive one. Tulsi Gabbard used her limited time to have her own “Ron Paul moment”. She dominated the war issue at the first Democrat debate. Reasonable voters found her refreshing, she was the most Googled candidate.

She also was the poll winner on The Drudge Report, had an interview with Breibart, and called John Bolton a “chickenhawk” to the delight of conservative social media. Her ability to get American Conservative Republican voters to unite (at least support) a Democrat talking about ending wars is good to see. The reaction from the Democratic base is even more of out the ordinary. We’ll see if her message receives enough support to force the media to keep her around.


You can find the audio version of the episode here and on iTunes, and as always the video is available:

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